We have just received planning permission to site the Community Grocery in the St Barnabas car park. The provisional opening date is 3rd May.

This is the final piece of paperwork needed. So now, with the Message Trust, we can press on. Thank you to all those – including Middlesbrough Planning Department – for your hard work thus far. It has taken longer than we hoped, but things are moving.

For a small annual membership fee (£5) individuals and families can join the Grocery, shopping up to three times a week at a cost of £3 per shop. As well as providing good quality food and fresh vegetables members will be eligible to sign up for a number of free courses e.g. money management, mental health and well being, life skills, cooking, gardening, basic IT, homework clubs as well as courses for those interested in exploring the Christian faith.

The Grocery is open to anyone, whatever their beliefs. It is run by a Christian charity called ‘The Message Trust’, working with St Barnabas. There are 11 already open across the North of England and more due to open this year.

Please keep the Grocery in your prayers as we prepare to open it in three months’ time.



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