Immeasurably More

As a church, St Barnabas has been engaged in a process called ‘Immeasurably More’ over the last few months, in which we’ve been seeking what we believe God is calling us to in the next three years. And the result is what’s called a mission action plan, a ‘MAP’. Below is a copy of that document.

Where did this document come from?  It has been produced and approved by the church council over recent weeks, based on the conversations and prayer we’ve had as a whole church in recent months.  Thank you everyone for your participation in it, in far from ideal circumstances. 

You might fairly say, ‘How can you talk about the future in the midst of corona?’ Think of how, in the depths of World War 2, the NHS was planned.  This Mission Action Plan is a way of looking beyond the present troubles. They will end and we can refuse to let those troubles frame reality

The Immeasurably More plans contain, as you will see, some big hopes, big challenges. As you read them, you may think, ‘Can we do it?’ And the answer is ‘No’. But do we serve a God who can produce treasure from us, frail as we are? ‘Yes’!