Who are we? What is our true identity? People sometimes say ‘just be yourself’. But trying to ‘be yourself’ is not easy – nor, arguably, is ‘being yourself’ always a good idea! For Christians, we discover who we truly are when we encounter Jesus.

From Christmas to Easter at St Barnabas we will follow a single gospel: Luke in the mornings, John in the evenings. We’ll see how others encountered Jesus and were transformed. As we see others being challenged to follow him, we’ll experience the same challenge – and with it the same possibility of healing and transformation.

The four gospels are well described as like four facets of a single, beautiful, jewel. As we dig into the gospels of Luke and John there is far more to see than we’ll be able to cover at our Sunday services. So, it is a great idea to read through these gospels in their entirety in the coming months.

In each case, the gospels journey from Christmas to Easter, from the crib to the cross. And it is as we follow Jesus, and make that journey with Jesus, that we discover our true selves, who we are truly meant to be.

Sermon Programme for January – Easter 2023



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